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What We Offer


Introducing a revolutionary new prototype development service that combines the expertise of experienced veterans in the field with the fresh perspectives of high school students! Our unique approach allows us to create innovative solutions to complex problems. Our experienced veterans bring their years of knowledge and experience to the table while our high school students bring a fresh perspective, allowing us to explore new possibilities. With our combined talents, we can create a prototype that is both effective and efficient. Let us help you develop the perfect prototype for your project!

The Development Process


Getting your Ideas

We first take as much information from you as possible, whether this is from written instructions, face to face, or in a virtual meeting.


Getting Started 

Every project is unique and different and we take that challenge with pride. Because of this we get started right away on pulling together all the pieces from the 2nd stage.



As the project starts coming to a close we will once again reach out to gain any specifics that are needed before shipping out. Other options will become available with this such as professional quality video demonstration or presentation.



We take all the information that is provided to us and start the planning stage on how we will execute the task at hand. Once the plan is created we send it to you along with an invoice to confirm alll aspects.



As the project progresses we will reach out to give updates and status on how your prototype is coming along. As well as this is an oppurtunity for you to feel even more connected to the project and have full transparency.


You get your Prototype

The last step, get your prototype and show the world what you have to offer!

Get in Touch

500 Terry Francois St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158


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